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As an avid reader and equestrian I frequent a number of blogs and discussion forums. Often, the forums get a bit messy when discussing training. But yesterday I came across something that has really turned me on. It is titled “Learning Theory and Dressage” and discusses training as it relates to a horse’s ability to learn. It appears on the Ultimate Dressage Training forum.

I would love to rewrite it so I’d come off all smart, but there is no way I could do these postings justice. So instead this time I am just going to post the link and I urge everyone to give it a read. Sit down with a cup of coffee or something because it is quite interesting. Read it and draw your own conclusions as to which theory you agree with!

I applaud the posters, one and all, for one of the best entries I’ve ever seen on an internet posting forum, and it’s still growing!

Mazel tov!

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