Essays of an Equestrian

Some packed us as kids

Or with our fat asses

Ride after ride

They taught the masses

They steadied us when balance went askew

The most valuable horse

You ever knew

We kicked them and tugged them

Like a rambling dolt

They never ran off

And never did bolt

They taught us to walk, trot and canter

A gift of learning

Like some equine Santa

Some looked like chunks

Others more fancy

Steady in their gaits

Rarely all dancey

And all of us to the very last one

Learned from a school horse

And we learned a ton

So the next time you see that fat lazy plug

Give him a kiss and give him a hug

For none of us would be where we are

If we didn’t first learn on this equine star

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The good will of the horse is like the scent of a rose. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.