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ThunderfartThis site is dedicated to those dressage enthusiasts who makeup the majority of the dressage world. The regular guys and gals of  the dressage world and the bread and butter of the sport of Dressage.

Relevant to all equestrians, it contains useful information regarding the care and training of your horse along with helpful strategies to get through and cope with all the interesting personalities you’ll meet in the horse world.

Although I am an amateur just like you, I know you’ll find my essays helpful. Yes, I am an amateur in that I make my living in the outside world, but I’ve been lucky enough to gain knowledge and experience you might just find interesting.

lt is my intention to help my fellow ammies, and to bring a higher level of understanding, knowledge and sophistication to your equine experiences.

I still have tons to learn and I hope you join me on my learning adventure. Our continuing education benefits both us, and more importantly, our horses.

I encourage your thoughts and comments.

Please join me on our little adventure.

Buckle up, enjoy the ride.

Dressage for the rest of us

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The good will of the horse is like the scent of a rose. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

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Dressage for the rest of us

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A Huge Thank You to Gigi Nutter Of Touch 'n Go Farm for all her wonderful dressage pics. Pictures below are of Wendal, one of her beloved horses
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Gigi Nutter and Wendel

Gigi Nutter's Wendel


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